Monday, August 08, 2011

Big Kimshew


First off, Big Kimshew creek is an amazing stretch of high-quality whitewater. Therefore, word quickly spreads, and more and more people show up to Charge this piece every year. For good reason. I think our crew this year consisted of about 11 burl-chargers. A mob to say the least. They left me at one point. I actually moved close to the put-in for a brief stint while the creek was running, but quickly realized there ain't much up there besides old Kimshizzle. I moved on.

 I'm gonna try to write little, and post pictures alot from now on. Mainly because pictures are much more entertaining than my writing. Pictures are quite a bit easier to take and post too. With that said, enjoy these pics and I will try to keep them coming. 

Heres Barny "the Blessing" Young boofing the dogg poo out of the tricky first 20'er. Ole Snarly is looking on in the foreground. I will tell him to move next time. This was the first time I actually ran this drop clean.  

A good ole' SE transplant smiling big after a sweet un-named slide above Triple Drop. Her name is Adrien Levkenctch (SP?)... she killed it out there with the boys. 

Nick Murphy relaxing below Frenchies 40. My boat got tired of waiting on me to film the mob, and decided to run the drop w/o me. I pulled her back up with the help of Sean "man-cheese" Manchester. It was a good decision to run it. 

Another Boonanison checking out the Cali goods on a lil' road trip. Eric Chance plugs his Pure XL into the last drop on Kimshew proper. Never fear, for Secret Stash is about to appear.  

Mancheese isn't addicted to crack, but when in Rome... 

Barny mobbing into a nice rapid on the Stash. I usually portage this one, but we all found it surprisingly manageable.  

The legend, Jason Hale, bout to give a hole some loving.
King "Snarly" Charlie probing the last big one on the West "is best" Branch of the Feather.

A good time we had indeed. Can't wait til' next year. I think we all agreed that the section from Kimshew Falls down could be the best whitewater in the world. Let me know if you concur. 


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