Monday, August 08, 2011


When living the life, try to do so with style. Its not always that we find ourselves deep in a gorge running the shizznizzle with the mob, but that doesn't mean you can't always have a good time. So when you find yourself somewhere besides the kayakers church, try to have fun. Don't worry, there are some kayaking pics in here too, but they are of my local gem the South Yuba, which I believe is one of the best rivers in the state. 

The boys from the SE enjoying a fine Charge down the Edwards to Purdons section of the S Yuba. We did a lil' lifstylin' in there too.

King Charles throwing down in the put-in hole for E to P at around 3,000 CFS. Manboating at its best.

We saw some cool catarafters enjoying the aqua also.

We went to majestic Lake Tahoe on the 4th of July to celebrate our Independence. Tequila chugging ensued thanks to the Kiwis. 

Cody Howard and Brandi Suppi enjoying the Life in lake Tahoe. These two are pure gold. 

New Zealand versus America. Brandi seems to be enjoying the entertainment. I'm glad I have the date feature of my camera figured out so you know this was really taken on July 4th...

Loves Falls master Mike Peacher staring down a beast we would walk away from due to high flow. Peacher is the only guy I know who has run Loves over ten times without swimming out of the Love Shack. Hes legit.
A wicked moth who has evolved to look like a big predator. He wasn't fooling me.  

Lil' A seal launching in after the only one we portaged on Summit.

The man, Tommy Hilleke, charging a massive boof off East meets West rapid on Summit run of the S Yuba. Hes a father and badass at the same time. 

I think one of the main reasons I'm so partial to the S Yuba is its lack of portages. With the exception of the Yuba Gap, which has its fair share, but still worthy in every sense. 

Keep on styling!

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