Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Bear creek in Georgia is most definitely a blessing. As with most stellar rewards, they come in short, unpredictable, spells that leave us craving more. After running the Bear, even at a low flow of 9'', I feel satisfied with my return home, beyond just seeing my family. For once in the history of FULL THROTTLE, I am writing this post immediately after the event went down. I rounded up what old-school gear I could find in the barn, and borrowed a Nomad from my boy Nick Murphy. While sorting through gear at Jib Headquarters, I found an old seven2 paddle I figured Paul Hubbard wouldn't mind me using. I mobbed to the river and found my friends Crisler Torrence and Luke Scott at the put-in. The hair of the Bear will always give you a good scare! So, without further ado, I give you the pictures from the trip.

Chrisler is happy to be on the water, even in an old-school Y. Little did we know, this would be the old boat's last run.

The creek starts off with some low-angle, bedrock, slides that are perfect for warming up.

The sandstone geology of Lookout Mtn. reminds me that I'm home. Overhanging rocks are common here.

The only portage of the day, simply because there wasn't enough water to take the 'normal' sneak line down Surrealistic Pillow.

Crisler styles the left line at Fishbowl. It didn't take much convincing for him to mob in.

After Crisler watched my bouncy, yet clean line down Stairway to Heaven, he was inspired to fire it up. Without adequate aqua to pad the bedrock, Crisler took a bad bounce in the crux, and through Jedi-like maneuvers, kept it hairy side up. However, the old Y took a blow that proved to be fatal. Knowing that the trail is only a few burly rapids downstream, Crisler limped his broken kayak onward.

Luke Scott took the knuckle draggers out for a spin to spice it up a bit. Here he is avoiding a dangerous strainer in Cosmic Trigger.

Even with a sinking ship, Crisler knows how to make himself sail over rocks in Big Bang. Its more than just a theory.

A great new drainplug. We all agreed that Revelations was the best rapid of the day, which you can see in the background. Team Jib ran it multiple times.

Taylor Martin was feeling blessed by his Bear creek birthday bash. We caught their crew after Revelations, and it was entertaining watching my friends struggle to recognize me in retro gear.

The birthday boy unwraps a stylish cross bow draw to set him up perfect for Momentary Lapse of Reason.

Bear master Bryce Evans getting parallel through Armageddon.

Taylor Martin does the limbo under a common threat.

And again, avoiding the aggressive Tree Bass that has infiltrated our blessed stream-bed.

Charlie Mix propels his rhasta colored Villain through a maze of stones.

Paul Hubbard finds his balance in Gargoyle. Shortly downstream, Paul asked me whats up with Omega, fittingly named as the last rapid. I said I don't know, and routed him in for his first time.

Like a colorful caravan, we march back to civilization, charged up from a stellar day on Bear Creek. Looks like we might get to run it again here soon. Stay up.

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