Friday, May 28, 2010

Southern Sierra

Drew, Jason Hale, and I loaded up the longboats in SF, and immediately the smack talking began about Skyhook and Brush Creek Race. Hale brought full on moto gear in preparation for running the big rapid on the East Kaweah that most people happily walk around in the poison oak-- Skyhook. First off, Hale convinced us that the new landslide in the beginning of EK was good to go, and quite fittingly dubbed it "I didn't sign up for this Shit". Here is Danny Salzaar feeling safe in the Grande on said rapid.

Dodging overhanging rocks is typical of Chattaboogie whitewater, and thus, I felt right at home boofing into a sieve of sorts. Heres Hale in his moto gear running the burl, but opted for another day to make the Hook.

Taylor F and Laura F decided they weren't into it and rappelled down the boulder with Taylor Robertson's help.

When we got down to Triple Drop, I was behind Hale and he decided to route off it... so I followed. Luckily, we styled it, and got out to film the others charging it. Heres Laura boofing.

We took a quick safety break, and we felt pretty Charged up.

The next day, we rolled on over to the South Tule with high hopes, but got shut down by the local casino... Indian Reservation Land there and we didn't want to push our luck. So, we skipped over to the upper middle Tule. The flow was low, but the rapids were smooth and steep. Heres Hale flying off one of the better rapids.

Heres a sweet shot by my good bro Darin McQuoid of me on the same rapid.

Besides the portaging, it was a really quality run IMO. Danny firing it up.

Taylor Fearrington on the next cross grainer slot boof.

Old buddies having a good time. Taylor Robertson and Hale.

I saw one that looked like a typical SE manker, and gave her. She gave me a lil' back too.

DD styling another granite smoothie.

Hale dropping the best rapid on the run. Check out the cool tavertine effect on river right.

Taylor and Danny routed into this one blind and said it was knarly... so Drew fired it up of course.

Drew is also an underwater basket weaver.

Here is our German bro Jonas Making the line.

We drove up a nice dirt road next to a sick creek and camped. This was the sight along the way.

Then we headed to Brush Creek race with the longboats and had more fun than a barrel of monkeys. We met some awesome new friends, and of course, chilled with my old friends Eric and Rebecca Giddens. Heres Eric organizing the kayakers, including 9 year old Sage, who impressively styled the race.

Heres the Champ, Jason Hale, charging to ensure the win.

photo by Frank Walden

A brave soldier going into battle.

Boogie men came out of the closet to scare kids on the banks.

The Giant Slalom proved to be quite the challenge, and even served up some carn. Hale jumped in the river to help someone out of a swirl.

It was awesome to get in the Hungee on Brush.

photo by Frank Walden

Then we went back to East Kaweah for some big ole fatty boofs. Drew lays one out.

Cody Howard joined in on the Charge-fest also.

Knarmading down the creek.

This ain't Hale's first rodeo.

Mine neither.

Justin Patt busted a wicked rail grab.


Its just so dogg gone pretty in there.

Wilson Bell drove straight out from Asheville to get this blessed creek. You can see why.

Justin does what he wants.

This is what we live for. Taylor made a cool headcam movie from the Tule and East Kaweah. Here it is.

Tule and E. Kaweah Rivers With Taylor Robertson from Taylor Robertson on Vimeo.

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