Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sierra Surfing

Greetings fellow earthlings,

I hope you all have had a wet and wonderful summer, as I have. Here are some photos from my kayaking adventures in California. Big thanks to Kevin Smith for taking the sweet shots. I also want to add that the title of this long post comes from the book I've been reading called Surfing the Himalayas, and has some amazing insights on how to become one with your board, kayak, or whatever you find yourself doing. A very good read indeed. Basically, to become one with your kayak, you must stop thinking about kayaking and just do it... or thats what Enlightened Master Fwap suggests.

Gittin me some in the Gus on Dry Meadow.

Squeezing through the crack.

Stomping her down into one of the Teacups.

Local BA Eric Giddens charging it whilst his wife Rebecca films... Nice view Eh

Rebecca Giddens shows us some fine olympic caliber form.
Sure are alot of peeps at a creek most haven't heard of in the Kaweah Drainage... Clover Baby!

Haven't seen anybody run these bad boys. Although they look super good to go... more water would be better.

Slippin sliddin down a sweet slide on Clover at around 9000 feet. The water is frigid!

Finishing the day with yet another super smooth slide on Clover.... get this bad boy early in the season when Hospital Rock is too high. Its up near the Giant Forests of Sequioa. Park n´Huck.
Heres Eric boofing through the 420 gorge on the fine Hospital Rock of the Middle Kaweah.

Kevin from Mammoth...our photgrapher.
You can barely see Luke from Mammoth going Zero to Sixty on middle Kaweah.
Me, myself, and I staying High and Dry on the Hospital Rock.

Here we are on the not-talked-about-much Cataracts of the Kern. Can't beleive this thing is roadside, damn released, and Class V and not many people hit it. Except the Giddens of course.
I dropped my HD camera in the river moments before this... hence, not much footy this summa... what a bumma.
Dinky Creek has some stellar rapids!

My boy Tim Collins firing up Wet Willy on Dinkey!

Nice 20'er followed by a not-so-nice seive... I probed and set safety for the boys. Sketchtron...

Heres Luke recovering the boats after the classic portage on Dinky. Note: not the only mando porto... watch out for an almost landbridge, followed by a knarly unrunnable... I almost ran.

Tim Collins getting some breakfast slide action.

El Jefe doing what it does best... Charging!

Stomping is so much fun... even on small drops.

I led the boys off the perfect waterfall in the background blind, and they loved it. All smiles :)

This is the moment I live for... dropping into a perfect 20'er completely blind yet fully awake.
As Kevin found out, the river left side of this falls is rather sticky.

Nikki Kelly is one bad mamma jamma, and she got worked in this one, so I decided to sneak her. Still Fun though.

Hope you enjoyed these captured moments. Can't wait till next time. See you on the river.

Peace, Love, and Enlightened Kayaking-- Will Pruett

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