Monday, September 03, 2007

Yule Do It.

Yo Yo Yo,

Heres a little story about an adventure on a creek called Yule. If you haven't already heard of this creek, let me just say this... its a BURLFEST! Well, it was a nice sunny afternoon in late June when we decided to charge this hogg even with its dwindling amount of wadditah (H20). But hey, the opportunity arose, and we shot it down like a turkey before thanksgiving. Speaking of shooting down, ole J.C. Sprayer from Chatt-town, TN forgot his camera in some of the upper boogie and we had to wait on him to scramble back up the scree walls in search of it... luckily hes kinda fond of his camera and found it pretty quick. Back to the matter at hand, we (being a bunch of chargers) blazed down the first mile or so of super-fun slides in pretty quick fashion, knowing that the mighty Ball Check lay ahead. The cahones receded as we peered over the lip of Ball Check and saw what lay in wait of our descent. Being commander of the Jefe and all, I checked my balls first, with hopes of capturing my mates flying off the mighty Ball from below.

A Ball Checking we go...

Not only did I get the shot, as you can see above, but also gave the boys some superior guidance on where to be on the lip of Wall Check to proceed with a stellar ride. You can see Toolsbee... I mean Silsbee flying here footage courtesy of Full Throttle.

So after everyone styled the infamous Wall Check with grace and composure, I decided to hop back in the ole' Jefe and give er'. Lets just say I wish I was standing on the lip telling me where to go.

Om Ah Hum and away we go.

Right? No.. not right... b/c i started too far right...

Hmmm... why ain't I flying in the air like the
rest of the boys?

Ahhhh... it was my destiny to be Checker of the WALL!!! Kids, don't try this at home.

The joy of being, and the pain that makes us feel so alive.

I must admit, that wall is pretty damn hard, but not hard enough to stop this maniac from finishing this here river trip with a portage! Even though my hommies offered to carry me up those 200 foot scree walls, I told myself what any good football coach will tell an injured player, "Walk it off son". So I did, and it was all right. Then I grinded down some little slide called Oreintal Massage, and it was pretty wicked.

Shane Groovesy flowed down that slide like MSG on stir-fry to-go... but thats in another video and Nathan decided to wheel it...

I don't know what that last drop is called but I'd like to think its Soylent Blue
To wrap things up, my beers floated away from the take-out while we were charging, El Walle ate the bow of El Jefe, Mr. Finney fell and ripped his pants whilst taking these wonderful picutres, and a 36 hour drive back to TN is not the best way to heal sore ankles. But hey, in the words of Ricky Bobby, "If you ain't first, you're last"! I'm not sure how that quite applies to this blog post, but hey is for horses. Do you live in a barn?
Peace, Love, and Charge-Festivals--Will Pruett
Shane Groves, Nathan Silsbee, Jonathon Cambell aka Sprayer. De Chargers man'


Carline ;) said...

Hi, Will, hope your fine, my friend. I finally see a huge grey squirrel at Ratna Ling! Now you are 100% reliable heheheh
Kisses, Carline

charger said...

true that...